dealing with anxiety

Anxiety, it’s horrible, this feeling that holds you back, that pulls at you and instils this fear inside your head, this nervous nature of overthinking and a thousand questions in your head making you want to run away.

Some of us get panic attacks, others push people away, some isolate themselves and others completely break down. It’s worse for some than others, and it’s so much more than nerves. I’m going to give you five top tips that helped me with my anxiety and helping to reduce my panic attacks and I pray they help you too.

1.) First of all, understand that what you’re going through is something you’re allowed to go through, it’s not a bad thing, it does not make you weak or a bad person, you’re just going through a tough time and this is how your mind reacts. Accept your anxiety, you will get through it like all the times before, you are going to survive and everything is gonna be okay. You have to identify what triggers your anxiety, what makes you anxious and why? I think it’s best to draw it out, to write down all the possible solutions, along with all the positive ones which often our brains leave out when we overthink.

2.) You are in control of your life. You make your own decisions in life, you choose what to do and what not to do, your anxiety does not control you, you control your anxiety. Nobody gets everything perfect the first time, not everything always goes to plan, but sometimes in life you need to take that leap of faith and just do it, just do that one thing you’ve been putting off, you cannot achieve perfection but if you don’t start you won’t achieve anything at all. Do not let your decisions bully you, do not let them suffocate you, jump into it without worrying if it’s good or bad. If you do it good then wonderful and if bad, you’ll only learn the things you would’ve missed out on if you let your anxiety stop you.

3.) Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for that panic attack, forgive yourself for opening up to somebody and feeling bad because they got upset because you were upset. Forgive yourself and start a clean slate every day, letting go of the past, to stop letting it pull back your strings. Cut ties with yesterday and build bonds only with today. It’s so natural for us to become our own harshest judges, to pick up on the smallest things and make a mountain out of a molehill, so stop dwelling on everything and move forward, continue building, continue growing.

4.) Anxiety does stop you from living your life, it leaves you frozen at the moment, lost in time and space and unable to move forward. But the day only has 24 hours, and as bad as those 24 hours were, they will pass. The day will go and night will come, weeks and months will go past, time will not stop, and neither should you. The world is forever moving on, remembering and forgetting, building and breaking. So no matter how horrible everything feels remember time will pass, that that event will finish, the day will come to an end, that moment is coming, don’t let life stop you from living, don’t fall behind time.

5.) Take slow steps, It’s a long winding, tough journey, but it’s a journey we all can make and we all can get through. You got this. You have survived all your panic attacks and moments of uncertainty and giving up before and you will do again. Take deep breaths. Get some fresh air. Drink some water. Go for a walk. Call your friends. Speak to your parents. Have a rest. Distract yourself in a movie. Everything will always be okay, it is all going to work out, it’s all going to be wonderful for you.

May happiness and ease always find you.



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